Rethink The DJ

Revolution is a boutique entertainment firm that offers unrivaled opportunities for those consumers looking for an elite brand of event DJ.  We believe that the image of the event DJ has tarnished over the years as the market has become flooded with people who presume that being an event DJ is only about playing music and making announcements, when in fact it is so much more than that.  We at Revolution are the real deal.  We pack dance floors with a variety of good music without relying on silly games or props to coax people out onto floor.  We are experts at reading a crowd and knowing where to go or not to go with the music at any particular point in time during the event.  We have that 'Spidey' sense for how to throw a party where people of all ages have an absolute blast.  We are light, articulate and professional on the microphone.  We understand that you and your guests would much rather hear good tunes than us going on and on about this, that or the other.  We customize each reception to our clients' specifications while also allowing ourselves enough wiggle room to read the crowd and make adjustments based on what is happening on the dance floor.  Our final planning session with you produces a typed schedule (or flow) of events.  On the day of your event, copies are made by us and distributed to all other vendors such as the wedding planner, the photographer, the videographer, the caterer and so forth.  As the central hub through which all information flows, we take our job seriously knowing that doing so will free you from having to worry about whether or not things will happen proficiently and according to schedule.  Rest assured, we are in control and yet are not control freaks.  Our laid-back, stress-free demeanor, quirky sense of humor, and acute organizational skills assures that your event will flow seamlessly from one element to the next.  We are humble at heart but proud to say that we are among the best of the best.  So what do you think?  Are you ready to join our Revolution?  It really is time to rethink the DJ!


If throwing an incredible party for your guests is a high priority for you, then the DJ, without a doubt, is the most important vendor you will hire for your event!   

To take it one step further, the DJ you hire will make or break your event.  So choosing one with a reputation for being able to rock the party is money well spent.  It is an investment in good times and fond future memories.  Revolution DJs bring NYC quality to Maine and New Hampshire.  We go the extra mile to customize your event and create the vibe you are striving for.  We work behind the scenes throughout the event to assure that it runs smoothly and without incident.  And when it comes time to dance, we deliver in a manner that is difficult to find in these parts.  In fact, we regularly receive cards, letters, emails, and online reviews that speak to this fact. Many of them speak to how people are STILL talking about the party (sometimes even years later) and how never before or since have they seen a wedding DJ do what we did. That's the honest truth.  See for yourself on our KIND WORDS page and on WEDDING WIRE


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